2023 Sunset Concert Series

2209 N 99th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85037

2023 Sunset Concert Series

The Sunset Concert Series Has Been Cancelled Due to Extreme Heat


July 3 Temps Hit 116 Degrees Fahrenheit, Hottest Day Recorded Since 2021

Due to extreme heat warnings from the National Weather Service, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the remaining Sunset Concert Series events. We have elected to conclude all performances in respect to the health and safety of event attendees, vendors and performers.

Our primary concern has always been the safety and well-being of our cherished staff, vendors, and most importantly, our beloved patrons. It is our duty to ensure that Forty8 Live! events remain a space where everyone can enjoy unforgettable experiences without compromising their well-being.

Attendees who purchased general admission, multi-day and/or season passes will be contacted for their choice of either a full refund or a ticket exchange for an upcoming event. From everyone here at Forty8Live!, we apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding and continued support.


Performed by AZ/DZ

Guns N’ Roses

Performed by Hollywood Roses



Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, AZ/DZ has been Billed as one of The World’s Top Tributes to the greatest Rock and Roll Band of all time….AC/DC. Established in 2008, AZ/DZ has performed for audiences around the world, opened for some of the Biggest Name Rock Bands and played at some of the premiere venues in the country to sold out crowds.

With authentic AC/DC Guitars, Bass, Drums and Back Line Equipment and the stage lined with Realistic AC/DC props including Replica Cannons and The “Hells Bell” AZ/DZ is able to capture the look and reproduce the raw energy of a Real Live AC/DC Concert Experience.

AZ/DZ performs the greatest hits of both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras, with a setlist containing over 50 iconic AC/DC songs guaranteed to leave the audience “THUNDERSTRUCK”.

Hollywood Roses

Hollywood Roses

Hollywood Roses lead singer Colby Veil’s incredible likeness to Axl Rose both in appearance as well as vocal prowess helped pave the way for Hollywood Roses to be named “Hollywood’s Best Tribute Band.”

They have rocked numerous festivals including the inaugural year of “Rocklahoma”(2007), which had record breaking attendance and coverage in every major Rock Magazine Worldwide.

HR have toured the US, playing high profile venues in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Arizona, Detroit and featured at many “Summer Rock Festivals & Casinos”. In 2007, Colby Veil was hand-picked by G n’R original drummer Steven Adler to lead Adler’s Appetite for the 20th Anniversary of Appetite for Destruction.

The tour kicked off at Hollywood’s famous Key Club. On stage, Colby was joined by Izzy, Duff and of course Steven Adler, performing Guns N Roses hits to amazed fans. Celebrities were in attendance including guitar God Slash. This show launched the beginning of a world tour for “Adler’s Appetite.”

Fans craving raw rock and roll and an authentic Guns N Roses experience won’t be disappointed by Hollywood Roses’ exciting energetic and, spot-on performance. Straight Out of the Gutter, from the Sunset Strip – Ironically, Colby Veil channels that untamed, raw energy that once was the power that gave Axl Rose the ability to make his own rules and be as unpredictable and chaotic in all his actions that put Guns n Roses in a category of its own.

“Hollywood Roses” consistently pays homage to that unpredictable Guns n’ Roses from back in 1987, a moment in time that the rabid rock youth of today can be guaranteed the experience that the original Guns n Roses fans were constantly taking a gamble that they would be fortunate enough to get that glimpse of a full on unique Guns n Roses Experience.

Shania Twain

Performed by Shades of Shania

George Strait

Performed by The Troubadour Experience

Garth Brooks

Performed by Garth Guy

Shades of Shania

Shades of Shania

Shades of Shania starring Kim Simmons in the Ultimate Shania Twain tribute experience. In Kim’s latest endeavor, she transforms herself into country music superstar Shania Twain with her tribute act, “Shades of Shania.”

She captures the look, sound and overall persona of Shania as she delivers a collection of the star’s biggest hits.

The Troubadour Experience

The Troubadour Experience

In an industry so often dominated by technology and gimmicks, The Troubadour Experience prefers to do things the original way, the purest way, the George Strait way, live and personal! Carrying on in true George Strait tradition, The Troubadour Experience welcomes you to a live authentic tribute to country music’s most legendary performer, spanning a 32-year career and charting more #1 hits than any other artist, in any genre at 60 and counting.

The Troubadour Experience features authentic performances of many George Strait #1 hits and several more including “Amarillo By Morning”, “All My Exes Live In Texas”, “Ocean Front Property”, “The Cowboy Rides Away”, “Here For A Good Time” and many more! Incorporating all of the
real concert production, it will look, sound and feel as if you are truly at a George Strait concert.

For the millions of George Strait fans and country music lovers alike, The Troubadour Experience is a must see! Come on out and re-live your favorite memories and make new ones as you’re entertained in true George Strait and The Ace In The Hole Band fashion.

Garth Guy

Garth Guy

Garth Guy has 5000+ live performances over 28 years under his belt, making him the busiest and most experienced Garth Brooks tribute artist in the world. He never tires of giving audiences across the globe a live Garth Brooks experience that is performed with respect and amazing accuracy. The Garth Guy Show is a real sincere tribute Garth Brooks – the man, and his music.

Celia Cruz

Performed by Las Chikas


Performed by Como La Flor

Las Chikas

Las Chikas

Las Chikas, the all-female band is comprised of some of the most talented female musicians in Los Angeles. Latin music never looked or sounded so good. The music selection of Las Chikas is a melting pot of cultures and these talented ladies set the stage on fire! Las Chikas has performed all over the world and many special events, including the San Jose Jazz Festival, at LA Dodgers & Anaheim stadium, at Angels stadium, for the Los Angeles Latin Jazz Music Festival and many more prestigious events.

Como La Flor

Como La Flor

THE COMO LA FLOR BAND was founded in 2011 and quickly became the most sought after and respected Selena tribute band in the nation. THE COMO LA FLOR BAND replicates the look, sound and feel of the Tex-Mex queen. The eight band members have developed an amazing on-stage chemistry. These veteran musicians pride themselves on giving their audience an incredible high-energy, qualitative stage show from start to finish.

Led Zeppelin

Performed by Zep-LA


Performed by Bohemian Queen



The spirit of Led Zeppelin remains, and many continue to try to conjure it. ZEP-LA, a powerful recreation of Zeppelin’s catalog, has its roots in the very origins of Led Zeppelin tribute bands. It arises out of a desire by some of LA’s top session musicians to capture the intangible essence of the legendary band. A labor of love and a true love letter to the fans who still believe in Led Zeppelin’s enduring magnetism.

Just some of the fan’s of L.A. based Zep L.A. are Howard Stern and Led Zeppelin’s own guitarist
Jimmy Page. Zep LA, must be seen to be believed. You will close your eye’s and swear you are hearing Stairway To Heaven by the guys who recorded that great classic. Led Zeppelin fans are in for a musical feast…

Bohemian Queen

Bohemian Queen

Bohemian Queen is a national ‘A’ level touring theatrical show providing a full-throttle ‘LIVE’ rock-n-roll concert experience. Comprised of LA’s finest players and voices, no tricks or tracks are allowed! These purist musicians who are true Queen fans, come together to bring to life a classic catalog of songs and melodies, delivering a star-studded performance the way Queen has dazzled arenas and stadiums for decades. It’s a Kind of Magic!

Faithfully performing hit after hit, Bohemian Queen delivers a vibrant, energetic show that demands your attention as you smile, dance, and clap to the beat! Everyone LOVES to sing-along with ‘We Will Rock You’, but Bohemian Queen keeps that FUN, interactive spirit alive throughout their entire show! The influence of Queen crosses cultures, age groups, and music fans who are all searching for human connection in sharing the belief that music can unite us all.

The Beatles

Performed by 4 Lads from Liverpool

The Rolling Stones

Performed by Hollywood Stones

4 Lads from Liverpool

4 Lads from Liverpool

The Beatles Tribute, 4 Lads From Liverpool, take you through an epic journey that begins in the early days in Hamburg, Germany and the Cavern Club in Liverpool, then fast forwards to the Sgt Pepper era
and beyond.

The Beatles changed the way we all listen to music, and to pay homage to their craft and to ensure authenticity a great deal of time was spent on researching the rich history of the group and the era they helped define. It was a moment in time that is seared into our hearts and minds – the era of war and peace, violence and free love. The message of love that came out of their music is universal and has stood the test of time.

Hollywood Stones

Hollywood Stones

The ultra-cool ROLLING STONES look & sound. The HOLLYWOOD STONES are a completely true live band. The same five piece line-up has worked closely together since 1994 at hundreds of gigs taking hardcore STONES fans by storm!

Everyone raves about “That killer Stones band from Hollywood!” Live shows are packed with street fighting stage attitude and full-tilt classic rock. The HOLLYWOOD STONES are a super hot live band playing all the ROLLING STONES hits and cult favorites!

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