Your Favorite Events Come To Life with Forty8 Live!

There is nothing quite like a festival. At the very moment you enter, you’re greeted with a vast setting that welcomes you with open arms. Music fills the airs, crowds roam the landscape, various food aromas fill the air, and the pure vibe itself brings your excitement to life. Forty8 Live! loves this moment. In fact, we live for this moment! Forty8 Live! creates an event for every interest.

While the theme of each event varies, one thing remains the same: Consistency. We pride ourselves in creating a special event experience that will be organized, entertaining, outstanding and makes you eager to attend the next one. Our mission at Forty8 Live! is to target, captivate and inspire consumers through the power of live entertainment, great food, and spirited beverages. The Forty8 Live! ethos is to remain true to our target while constantly be reinventing local festivals and market strategies across the country and to never be complacent in this journey..

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